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The factory

Generation knitwear

Gerda Sørhus Fuglerud

You might say boldness is in the DNA of Oleana. How else would you even consider starting a knitwear brand in Norway? Especially at a time when most manufacturers moved abroad, to countries with cheaper labour and lower production costs. Still, that’s just what happened. In 1992, Oleana set up production near Bergen.

Founded by Signe Aarhus, Hildegunn Møster and Kolbjørn Valestrand, and soon joining forces with designer Solveig Hisdal, Oleana slowly built an iconic knitwear brand. Growing from three founding employees to forty people.

The second generation in Oleana is Signes daughter, Gerda Sørhus Fuglerud, and husband, Steffen Fuglerud. We have a wonderful team of skilful people, and together we want to take Oleana a step further.

I grew up with the mentality “work hard and be nice to people”. “Visions and dreams create energy”.  We’ll continue to dream big and being passionate ­– let’s prove it is possible to produce more sustainable clothing in modern Norway and make it a living!

With our home in Ytre Arna and our minds set on creating beautiful, durable design under good working conditions, we look back with pride on three decades of quality knitwear manufacturing. And fearlessly into the future. This is who we are. This is what drives us, and in the end of the day, it all comes down to being of value to you, our customer.

Gerda Sørhus Fuglerud