Knitting is the new tech

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Hand made and high tech

At Oleana we knit using two different types of machines. The conventional flat bed machines can produce intricate patterns in flat panels, to be assembled into garments by sewing or linking.

Our new 3D knit machines works in the round, attaching sleeves and details like its nobody’s business. It’s a relatively new technology called ‘whole garment’, with machinery that’s very complex to program and operate. The result though – is totally seamless garments with great detailing.

“It’s crucial for us to have a machine park that is up to date, because the quality of the garment is so important. But the biggest job is being done by hand. It takes a lot of human resources to create what we make. The linking for example gives the garment a totally different finish. It’s really a symbol of quality.” 

Head technician

3D knitting technology has been a big change for our factory. It enables us to speed up production in a sustainable way, with close to zero material waste. And it brings us brand new possibilities to create and explore. Driven by innovation and creativity, we combine traditional hand craft techniques with modern 3D technology. It’s hand made, and high tech.

It takes a village
Developing a knitted garment is complex, and for us programmers, mechanics, knitters, seamstresses, product developers and designers – it takes a lot of patience.

From the first draft of design to finished product, our garments go through a long range of quality checks. Call it a passion for detail or an obsession for the craft. At Oleana every garment is given time and effort to get the perfect end result.

“When creating a concept for a new collection, I often draw inspiration from modern art. It’s like I’m building a universe, and then trying to make sense of it while developing the collection. The technical aspect of the factory is also important for me when working on new styles, our machine park is always the basis I work from - always trying to explore different ways to produce, pushing the technical boundaries of what we can make.

To be working at the factory, and together with the production team when designing new garments, is such a luxury. We can manage to be both creative, experimental and very focused on the quality and longevity of the garments - all at the same time.”

Head of design

Almost everyone throughout the factory is involved when we develop a new collection. To ensure the quality and flow of production. We need a seamstress, a linker and a mechanic. A product developer, pattern cutter and programmer, as well as fit model and quality tester. All our competences and experience combined, makes for great products.

”Systematic routines and improvements in the processes are in focus to have a good flow in the development. Trying to take experiences into account and assessing challenges individually, to think creatively. The flow is about continuity and energy created by the results we are proud to show. When we aim for high standards we have to sharpen our focus on details!”

Junior programmer

At the last stage of developing a new style – we test. We’ll take the garments home, wear them, wash them and wear them some more. Sometimes over several weeks, or even months.

Every Oleana piece is made with great care and patience. Made to last.

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