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SS22 Herbaria

Designer letter by

Matilda Norberg

Head of design

Power, pressure, botanics.

Herbarium is a kind of gathering, in the same spirit as that Pinterest folder, scrapbook or inspiration wall. But with pressed flowers, the collecting changes the material itself, in a rather brutal way. It gets quirky, messy, twisted and cracked. You preserve, but transform at the same time. Transforms from three dimensions, from organic, colour and movement. To constrained, controlled, but odd and fun.

Herbarium has also come revolve around being human. To be fierce at work, to be in control, to have power and integrity. To be a parent, to be a partner and a friend. Finding time for one thing without renouncing the other. It amounts to a squeezed lifestyle, where one runs the risk of feeling twisted, stiff and flat. Pressure is also power. It's a resource, and can be a means to achieve your goals.

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Made in Ytre Arna, Norway

Power, pressure, botanics

SS22 / Herbaria

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