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SS23 New expressions / Lookbook

This season at Oleana’s design office, we have been talking ‘deep work’ and ‘flow’. With tempo of all things back to pre-pandemic mode; travelling, meeting, new influences, and distractions - it has felt more important than ever to find focus. 

The state of flow is a great place to be, whatever type of work you do. The feeling of being in total control and having all at your fingertips, is amazing. In that flow state, nothing needs to wait, and you need to wait for nothing. It makes you feel unstoppable. 

I have found inspiration in the Abstract expressionists this spring. A group of New York artists in the 1960’s, that had the process of creating art more in common than style itself. Key concepts were spontaneous-, automatic-, and subconscious creation. Flow.

The abstract expressionist include ‘Action painters’ Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Grace Hartigan. Working in super spontaneous ways - dripping paint onto their canvases, or using mega brushes to make gestural brush strokes. Abstract expressionists were also ‘Color field painters’ like Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still. They created simple compositions with large areas of colour, to make an epic impression on the viewer. 

Helen Frankenthaler, an artist working within both worlds, has been my muse during these past months. The starting point was a notion of Frankenthaler at work. Standing on top of an empty canvas on the floor, starting to pour her paint, thinned with turpentine, from coffee cans. The paint beginning to spill, drip, and splatter. That moment is at the essence of deep focus and flow for me. 

Colour schemes are inspired by Helen Frankenthalers paintings, contrast effects sparked by the work of Color field painters Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still. The new styles and colourways for SS23 both navigates to a new and fresh direction for Oleana – and at the same time ties earlier collections together with all new vibes. 

In this lookbook you will see news mixed up with styles from the last five collections. Because our quest is always longevity and great quality, also from an aesthetical point of view. Making your perennial Oleana garments last.

Matilda Norberg
Head of design

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