How to care for your Oleana

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Use them and love them. Oleana garments are made to last. 

The best natural fibers are carefully chosen for our production in Ytre Arna. In doing so, we offer a sustainable choice for both you and our planet. Merino wool, alpaca and silk withholds many perks – including not having to be washed often.

Forever crushing on wool
Wool has self-cleaning properties and is easy to keep clean. More often than not, garments can be aired instead of washed. Stains are oftentimes easily removed with a damp cloth. Its temperature regulating properties and odor resistance will keep you nice and comfortable all year round. Whatever your day holds and what temperature you are offered – wool is the answer.

By hand, dry clean or in your washing machine – you do your thing. Follow these tips to keep your woolen treasures in good shape for years to come.

In washing machine
Wool garments can safely be washed in the washing machine. 

  • Turn your garment inside out.

  • Use a wool detergent. Ordinary detergents contain enzymes and bleach damaging to wool fibers.

  • Wash one garment at a time. Wool needs a lot of water during washing.

  • Use a washing cycle for wool, 30 °C. If this is not available on your machine, we recommend washing by hand.

  • Shape while wet, and dry flat.

  • Garments can be lightly steamed with an iron while damp. Select temperature settings for wool.

By hand
More of a hands-on kind of person? Hand washing it is.

  • Turn your garment inside out.

  • Fill a sink or tub with water holding 30 °C.

  • Use a wool detergent. Dissolve it in water before putting your garment in.

  • Wash your garment for 5 – 10 minutes by squeezing it. Do not rub or twist. 

  • Rinse the garment well, keeping the temperature around 30 °C.

  • Your newly washed garment may be quite wet. Either roll the garment into towels and squeeze out the water or run a short spin cycle program at 600 rpm.

  • Follow the same procedure for drying and steaming as when machine washing. 

  •  We do not recommend soaking.

Dry clean
Got better things to do than washing? Oleana garments can be dry cleaned. Make sure to show the cleaning instructions to your cleaner, found on the tag inside the garment. 

Better safe than sorry
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Taken care of, your Oleana garments will last for decades.

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