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Caring for a garment means caring for the future. To cut down on our carbon- and water footprint, we make garments that can last through generations.

With soft wool and a strong seam, we make sure that all our garments uphold the best quality. We strongly believe in creating exclusive, quality garments for a lifetime, not just for this season. But we know that any garment can get a rift that needs mending. That’s why we save everything from yarns to buttons to be able to offer repair services for all Oleana garments.

Giang is one of our quality controllers, checking all Oleana products for flaws before they are being sent from production to the stock-room. She is also a master of knitwear repairs, with a unique expertise in the field. Giang and her secret box of colourful threads she can make a nasty rift disappear in front of your eyes.

“People send us their old Oleana pieces because they don’t want to throw them away. They have used them for many years, and the quality never fades. It can be an old style that has got a rift, but we always manage to fix it. Many people have a very special bond with their Oleana pieces. There is always a lot of memories attached.”
- Giang, master mender and knitwear whisperer

Love your clothes, and give them love. 
With a strong focus on longevity and repairs, we want to inspire our community to reuse, rewear, resell and hand down Oleana garments. Join our knitted revolution against fast fashion.

We are here to help. Experiencing a problem with your Oleana garment? Keep us in the loop!


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