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Cool in the heat

Don’t sweat it. Your Oleana garments can be used all year round.

Few materials are as versatile as wool. Especially merino wool. Lightweight and soft, self-cleaning, UV protecting, anti-wrinkle, odourless and temperature regulating. Its unique properties makes it the perfect material for your summer adventures.

Temperature regulating
Handle the heat in a natural and breathing material. Merino wool will have a cooling effect in hot weather. On the contrary, it will offer you warmth if the temperature drops.

With self-cleaning properties and odour resistance, wool requires less washing. Wool absorbs excess moisture, supporting a healthy skin climate and preventing bacterial growth. Use a damp cloth to remove stains, and air the garment between each wash.

The perfect combo
75% merino wool and 25% silk is our signature blend for a reason. The two natural materials have a lot in common – both with exceptional thermal regulation, absorbency, soft feel and durability. They make the perfect pair for all temperatures and climates.

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From Norwegian wool and alpaca, to our signature merino wool and silk blend. Explore the ethics and aesthetics of our materials.

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