Nr. 518

Soft power skjerf

Soft power skjerf er et mønstret silkeskjerf som er printet og sydd i Sverige. Størrelse: 65 x 65 cm. Soft power skjerf kommer i 2 fargevarianter.

I landet du befinner deg i selger vi kun til forhandlere. Vennligst se «Finn Butikk» for nærmeste forhandler.

Darling buds

Inspired by the world of flowers and the floral designs of Finnish ceramic artist Birger Kaipianen, the concept of buds coming into bloom is the common thread running through the Oleana AW 19 collection.

At the same time innovative and in keeping with  traditional Norwegian craftmanship as well as Oleanas heritage, the collection is an appreciation of both the powerful and the soft, the pioneering and the timeless, the poetic and the everyday. We invite you to take a trip from seed to flower with our darling buds.